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Iraqi-Canadian artist wearing her emotions on her brush


Originating from Baghdad, Iraq is natural born artist Mais Al-Sheikhly, gleaming with an immense drive and passion for art. With artistic abilities ingrained in her, Mais overcame challenges, dilemmas and went through several transitions, but her desire for painting is everlasting. During her teenage years, a tragic experience caused Mais to immigrate to Canada, adjusting to the new cultural changes affected her psychological well-being. Fortunately, her creativity allowed her to channel her thoughts and emotions onto a canvas, in a way only she would understand. As art helped Mais to regain a sense of freedom, control and confidence, she later decided to study Picasso and cubism. Her attempt to secure lessons with a local artist was short lived, but from doing her own research on cubism and abstract she created her very first painting within a few days. Soon after, she gained recognition from a well-known Canadian water color artist, Barry McCarthy with whom she formed a connection with.

While pursuing her studies in Math and Science at the University of Waterloo, Mais began her “Peace in the Middle-East, Is it an impossible dream?” collection which was showcased at a prestigious Toronto Art Expo. After losing the inspiration to paint, she took a break and moved to Jordan to study Pharmacy. As her creativity was ignited once again, she worked on her second collection, “Modern Arab Woman” which was showcased at the prominent Royal Cultural Center in Amman Jordan. Moving back to Canada to work as a pharmacist, Mais’s motivation to paint fluctuates from time to time, but she manages to maintain a steady momentum for her third collection “911 Pandemic, Is it too late?” which is set to be completed in 2017. Mais’s aptitude to create, conceptualize and transmit her traditional culture into works of art is visual astounding.

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